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The story behind Larry Finds Deals For You.

So what's with larrydeals.com?

Larry Finds Deals™ was started in 2005, by Monmouth Web Developers as a way to bring great national products and services found only online, to our customers at insider prices. It originally started as a coupon superstore, listing all sorts of great redeemable coupons and incentives for various products and services but eventually grew into a full retail, e-commerce store selling all sorts of products we find that are high quality and also a great price, directly from the factory. This cuts out the middleman and saves you money on every purchase.

Back around 2004/2005, Larry Enzer teamed up with Anthony Bell, an entrepreneur and manager of the "Hair Raisers" squad. Anthony's squad entertained at half-time shows during Philadelphia 76'ers basketball games doing trampoline aerobatics. Both decided to launch a new type of website company.

They both decided Larry would design, host, manage and promote the website while Anthony [and others] would handle finding the deals and run the business side.

The original website was named anthonydeals.com or Anthony Deals. A few years later Anthony decided to leave the company and I gladly took the  business over forming the new and improved Larry Finds Deals™ store. I redesigned a completely brand new website using WordPress, Woocommerce and the latest online technologies.

I hope you enjoy my store and if you need a website for your business or e-commerce store, please visit mwdwebsites.com. We'll be glad to build the website of your dreams.


Larry Enzer
Founder & CEO
Monmouth Web Developers

Larry Finds Deals

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Larry Finds Deals founder, Larry Enzer

Larry Enzer

Founder & CEO

Larry Enzer graduated college back in 1990. During his college years, he was able to tap into the newer emerging technologies which became the World Wide Web. He thought this would eventually become something. So he started both Larry Finds Deals and Monmouth Web Developers, a Web Design, Hosting and SEO company - after first working at AT&T and Bell Labs for years.  Visit my other company if you need a custom website built, hosting services, or a fully custom shopping cart - the same as Larry Finds Deals Cart.


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