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Larry Finds Deals™ was started in 2003 as a way to bring great trendy, hand-picked products, to people looking for something unique or different.

We started small in 2003 but quickly realized that consumers demanded high quality, ethically sourced products from many undiscovered or trendy places that would add spice and color to their lives.

We hope you enjoy our store and find something you'll not only enjoy, but feel great about using. Each company or artisan we list on our website meets the highest standards. Quality, workmanship, company culture, sustainability and design are Larry Finds Deals™ ultimate goal.

Browse our catalog. We're sure you'll find items that add spice to your life and warm your day. You'll be supporting the greatest  eco-friendly companies you'll feel right about supporting - but have yet to discover.

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Larry Finds Deals searches the Globe to find the best companies and skilled artisans who build handmade products, uses wholesome, honest ingrediants and simply run great - highly ethical businesses. People have told us they love discovering our trendy products every day. Our hard work pays off too. From modern home funishings with a twist, funky and cool artwork, handmade jewelry, fun sporty outdoor gear to up and coming clothing companies, we find what makes your life enjoyable. So take a few minutes and explore our store. We're sure you'll find something you enjoy too.