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Return Policy

How does return/refund process work:

Contact us for the correct return address and we will let you know quickly. Some suppliers request sending to their main address on package, others to the factory itself for faster returns or exchanges. Uncommon Square always holds the supplier’s funds for the period of the return policy. For example, if the supplier offers 15 days return policy, we do keep the fund in Uncommon Square' account for that 15 days.

These are the steps for return/refund:

  • Make sure the customer has a valid reason to return the product.
  • Contact us - so that we can alert the supplier about an incoming product!
  • A customer can return the product back to the address on the package or factory, we will let you know which.
  • As soon as the package arrives to the Uncommon Square’ supplier, we process the refund to our account.
  • We will then refund to the customer afterwards.

In case of a damaged product or a wrong product, we will refund you immediately, or send a replacement product. You can simply contact us, and provide us a picture of the damaged or wrong product and we will take it forward and let you know where to send the wrong or damaged item if required. If required to return the item, refunds will follow, once the supplier receives the item.